10 Reasons Why Being An INFP is the Best

My first post here talks about the negative side of being my personality type INFP. In this post I want to talk about everything I love about being an INFP. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

1.  Emotions are my thing. I’m really good at understanding other people’s emotions. I love this ability, I love people and their inner workings. Emotions are so cool to explore and try to understand.

2. I care a lot.  Basically if I care about anything then I care for it 100%. I love that I can be so passionate about life.

3. I’m a dreamer. I excel at daydreams, I love dreaming of the future, I love dreaming of stories and in general dreams fill my life. My dreams may not be normal, but hey what’s the fun in dreaming of you can’t be a little eccentric too?

4. I find people fascinating. Everyone has a possibility and I’m in love with that fact. Give me a documentary on a historical figure, or when I can muster out my introvert soul a deep chat with a friend over tea. This is so satisfying!

5. I’m a really good listener. I don’t always know how to say what’s on my mind, but I do know how to be quiet and pay attention. I like making someone tea and rubbing their back or playing with their hair while they vent.

6. Optimism is the other half of my cynical brain.  The world is messy but it’s also blindingly beautiful. Anything can happen.

7. Creativity is also my thing. INFP’s are usually people who seek creative outlets for all of our feelings.  My outlet is typically writing, but lately I’ve been branching out to art, fashion and music.  Like I said I can’t always express how I feel through speaking, and having so many emotions bottled up is bad for me. The easiest and most productive way to let things out is to transform it into creativity.

8. I believe very strongly. Because I care a lot I believe in what I believe with all my heart. I tend to throw myself into things completely.

9. I value having an open mind. I hate having people tell me what I think, and so this is my number 1 rule on how to treat people. Listen, don’t tell them what to do.  I have my opinion and sometimes it differs from others but that’s ok.

10. I’m flexible and (usually) embrace change. Life and seasons change. Without change things would get dull very fast. I’m a big fan of impromptu road trips, blanket fort building or small gatherings of friends.

So I know it’s taken me forever to write this post, but here it finally is. What are something that you love about your Myers Briggs personality? 



  1. INFP’s truly are a rare treasure. Their ability to understand and empathize with other people on such a deep level is something I’ve often admired. It makes me want to protect my INFP friends (fierce and violently) from everything hurtful in the world.

  2. Good post 🙂

    1) I think i might be good at understanding others emotions, but i think i might be not good enough understanding others heart.

    2) Agreed. Known, appreciated and valued for this gift.

    3) I use to dream too. But i don’t embrace that.

    4) Im not sure. I use to do this. But maybe I’m unaware that i like it.

    5) Listening is a tiring job for me. I don’t think myself as a good listener. But, I have often heard from people that i’m a good speaker, good at healing and convincing others.

    6) Agreed.

    7) Very true and very useful. I have often found my aggravated emotions doing good job when put into art/creativity. Few people who understood this quality of mine, use to intentionally mess with my emotions, to get the job done. Something i dislike.

    8) Agreed. I think it comes from a deep understanding about what we do and about ourselves.

    9) I agree. I hate such Jerks. I don’t know why they do. I’m not against people who reads my mind. But when they tell it out that they read my mind, so and so,,, they start earning my hatred. Probably we look like a mystic or a mystery, to those. Or probably, they think themself as a Sherlock Holmes.

    10) Agreed. I’m flexible and adjustable too.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. This post is SO on point! I love number 6 “The world is messy but it’s also blindingly beautiful. Anything can happen.” This really screams me, and I’m a little bit emotional on how I find this whole post so relatable.

  4. Hi there! It was so moving reading about someone who feels the same way I do! Really… it was like reading my own journal or something 🙂 Happy to know that other people feels the same way I do. Great article!

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