My Top 10 Favorite Movies

I don’t remember if I’ve ever done a post like this before, but if I have I know my favorite movies have changed since then. Besides I’ve been wanting to do a fun post, something that’s not a book review. 😀
So here we have them. My top 10 favorite movies.

1. Amelie


Amelie will probably forever be my favorite movie. The story of a introverted girl who wants to help people and make friends, and along the way finds love. Never before have I felt so similar to movie character then with this film.It’s a whimsical one of a kind movie.  Rated R.


2. Frida


I had heard of the artist Frida Kahlo before, but had never seen any of her work, or knew much about her life.  This movie was beautifully filmed, and Selma Hayek does a phenomenal acting job. Frida is such an inspiring film.  Rated R.


3. The Reader


This is such an emotionally intense movie. I found myself crying pretty much throughout the entire film. It’s a story of humans. And by that I mean the people in the film are flawed and they make wrong choices that have lasting effects. But there’s still love in the midst of it all.  Of all the films on my list this is probably the most controversial. Rated R.

The Reader

4. The Addams Family


I saw this movie for the first time this week and have watched it twice since then.  Delightfully weird, full of gallows humor and unique characters. Everything I need for a relaxing movie. 🙂 Rated PG-13.


5. Beloved Sisters


This is a German film I stumbled upon last year and fell in love with.  It follows the story of two sisters who both fall in love with the writer Schiller. While it’s not 100% historically accurate, it is a fantastic story.  Beloved Sisters was not rated on IMDB, but it’s probably R.


6. Jane Eyre


This is the only adaption of Jane Eyre that I can watch from beginning to end. Ruth Wilson’s acting is amazing and she brings the character of Jane to life in the most perfect way. I also prefer this version of Mr. Rochester the best. Rated TV-PG.


7. Begin Again


I had to have a few feel good movies on my list, as some of these films can be a bit emotionally draining. Begin Again is funny and heartwarming. Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly both do a fantastic job. A film about breakups and love and music.  Rated R.


8. Deadpool


Ahhh Deadpool. I was never one for superhero movies, but Deadpool isn’t your average superhero. I doubt I need to tell you what this film is about. :DIt’s humor is crass and the movie is violent. But I love the fact that Deadpool doesn’t give a shit. Rated R



9. Suicide Squad


Can you tell I like weird movies yet? 😉  While not the best movie writing or plot-wise, the characters are fantastic. Harley Quinn is my favorite anti-hero from the superhero world and Margo Robbie did a great job. Rated PG-13.



10.  The Duchess & Anna Karenina

I couldn’t decided which movie to put last, so I put both of them. The Duchess and Anna Karenina both have Keira Knightly as the lead female. Both of them are emotional movies and historical dramas about the struggles women faced in the past.  The Duchess is rated PG-13 and Anna Karenina is rated R.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I’d love to hear if you have liked any of these movies on my list, and about some of your favorite movies.  Have a great day! 🙂


  1. This is such a fun post! I have a few movies that I try to watch once a year, and that includes Little Women, Gone with the Wind (mostly just for part one. Part two is…depressing.), the 2011 Jane Eyre (probably my favorite one, just for soundtrack reasons. I also really like the 1996 one!), and North and South, which kind of counts as a movie. I guess these are all historical dramas. Watching them is usually when I indulge in a huge bowl of ice cream and twizzlers and stay up til midnight by myself. I really liked your list!

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it. 🙂 OOh yes Gone with the Wind is a good movie. Sadly I don’t own it. 😦 Yes, the soundtrack from Jane Eyre 2011 is really good. I did enjoy that, and the filming.
      North and South is such a good tv show. I should probably make a part 2 to this post for tv shows. 😀
      Historical Dramas are fantastic!
      Thanks. 🙂

  2. This is a great list of some interesting movies!! I am curious about the Reader and all the Kiera Knightly movies on the list 🙂 Also reading this I realize I am such a fan of feel good movies… When Harry Met Sally, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 500 Days of Summer… something I can put on while I’m working on the house that will make me smile.

    • Thanks!
      If you end up watching any of them, I’d love to know what you thought about them. Feel good movies are nice, I honestly don’t know that many good ones. But I’ll look up the ones you mention. 🙂

  3. The only two I’ve seen on here are Deadpool and The Addams Family (which I also discovered within the past month, then forced my family to watch 😛 ). You definitely make me curious about Amelie and Anna Karenina. Must add to list.

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