Hi, My name is Abi and I’m Bisexual.

Tuesday was National Coming Out Day. For each person coming out means something a little different. But I think the common theme, and the reason I’m writing this post, is because with coming out we have the ability to own up to all that we are. Hiding parts of oneself takes it toll. It’s tiring, it hurts, there’s guilt and self-hatred involved. But with coming out, speaking and taking control, there is freedom. Coming out isn’t about getting attention or being a part of a trend. It is what is. A person opening up about themselves.  So that said I’m coming out today.

Hi, my name is Abi, and I’m bisexual. 🙂

Bisexuality is when someone is attracted to people of both genders.  Though  a definition I personally like better is: Bisexuality is attraction to the same gender as oneself, and then everyone else.

Growing up I was a little bit boy crazy. I’ve always enjoyed people and getting to know them, and it really doesn’t take much for me to develop a crush on someone. I think the first time I remember having a crush on a girl was when I was about 12. At the time I was religious and so realizing I had these feelings was very hard to deal with. I’ve had a lot of guilt about who I am. I’ve also felt like it’s something best not talked about. My religious background has made me terrified to come out for fear of people being upset with me. Since then I’ve come to terms and accepted myself.  I’ve left religion behind, and I’m learning to love myself and to accept that there’s nothing wrong with me because of who I love. This year I’ve come to realize that my life is my life, and I need to live in a way that makes me happy. I can’t let myself be held back by fear, or by what other people might say. I’m never going to be happy until I’m openly me.

So this is me. I’m not here to parade my sexuality, or argue about my lifestyle. I’m just being honest. Thank you as always for listening to my ramblings. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Hi, My name is Abi and I’m Bisexual.”

  1. I am deeply religious and my cousin just came out on Sunday. I’d suspected for a while, but she never really talked about it. Anyway, still love you both. 🙂 Damn it, now I wish she’d waited until Tuesday. It would have been so…symmetrical. (If that’s the right word.)

  2. I’m so sad that I missed this post! I fully support you and I admire your courage. I’m still not secure enough to tell my family what I believe (or rather don’t believe). I hope you find lots of love and support.

  3. it takes a lot I feel for a male to come out because of peoples mindset. Good for you. I applaud you! My husband has only come out to me and I feel that is ok but unsure

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