And So The Stairs Went Up Release Date


Synopsis: “I had to walk away. The stairs would only ever go up and up and up.” In this five page absurdist fiction story we follow the musing of a girl who lives nowhere, with no one.  Every day she climbs a set of stairs, not knowing where she will end up or what her point in life is.  She wonders about the meaning of life and the world outside of herself. 

I’m happy to announce that I will be self-publishing my first short story on October 1st. The story will come out through payhip and will be free! For more information follow me on Patreon as I post updates. I will also be releasing the story for Patreon supporters a week early! Look for more updates on the 22nd!



4 thoughts on “And So The Stairs Went Up Release Date”

  1. Yay for taking the publishing leap! I am so glad for you. I know you’ve been pouring into your art for a long time and it’s so wonderful to see you taking that next step.

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