Edits Galore – A Mad Woman’s Voice

Mother of Bread

my mother is baking bread


the baby is crying

in the other room

my mother is baking bread for us tonight

her red hands are covered


flour and dough

sit across

from me child read

to me from your catechism

come let us keep busy for

mother is in the kitchen baking

bread to keep our stomachs full

come my


watch our mother make  


sweet bread

flat bread


mother in the kitchen

mother making bread

Today I finished with a third batch of edits on A Mad Woman’s Voice. At the beginning of October I sent my manuscript to a fellow blogger and editor Topaz Winters.   It was really great to get a second pair of eyes on the poems, and to get advice on how to make them better.  Also in case anyone was wondering, Topaz Winters offers editing services and her prices are reasonable.

I got the manuscript back earlier this month and have been working nonstop since then to get A Mad Woman’s Voice ready for publishing.  The next thing to do is print out the manuscript and go over it again myself and have a few people read it. Then edit it again and then I’m considering sending it to a few chapbook publisher. Wish me luck! 🙂

Also I’ll be posting on my patreon within the next few days with updates on my next projects. So if you’d like to receive updates early as well as sneak peeks please consider supporting me.  There are different levels of support that you can give, and each comes with it’s special perks.

Thanks as always for reading! 🙂



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