2017 Reading Goals

For my reading this year I have 3 main goals.

1) Read more LGBTQ+ books. 

I’ve been wanting to read more diverse books, so this year I’m actually going to make it goal. If anyone has any recommendations for books with LGBTQ+ narrators please let me know in the comments!

2) Read more books that I have on my TBR.

I have a bad habit of putting books on my goodreads TBR list and then forgetting about them. This year since I have a library card I plan on focusing on my TBR and conquering it. It’s currently at 2,507 books. Yikes!

3) Read at least 3 screenplays.

Going hand in hand with my goal to write a screenplay or two, I think it would be a good idea to read more screenplays.

That’s all from me today! What are your reading goals? If you’ve already done a post about it leave a link in a comment and I’ll stop by! 


8 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals”

  1. A reading goal of mine would be to read more than 36 books and try to not feel so burnt out after reading books for school. And two LGBTQIA+ books that I think you might like is Parrotfish and Being Jazz. Both are about being trans*, but the first one is about recently coming out as trans* and dealing with the consequences with that and the second one is an autobiography by Jazz Jennings about what it’s like being a trans* teen.

  2. Ooh these seem like fantastic reading goals!! Have you ever read Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda?? It is an amazing book with a gay narrator and one of my favourites from 2015!! And I hopefully plan to narrow down my TBR as well, haha. Or at least read some of the books that have been sitting there for 12+ months?!? Like sure I’ll add new ones, but I don’t want to keep ignoring the very old ones!!
    Good luck with these goals.🎉

  3. Ooh ooh do you have anything specific that you’re looking for w/ regards to goal #1? Like, bisexual protagonists, fantasy, older books, etc etc? I can help with that!

    Good luck on all your reading goals! 😀

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