My Sister Rosa By Justine Larbalestier


Goodreads Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister, Rosa. But he’s also certain that she’s a diagnosable psychopath—clinically, threateningly, dangerously. Recently Rosa has been making trouble, hurting things. Che is the only one who knows; he’s the only one his sister trusts. Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and very good at hiding what she is and the violence she’s capable of.

Their parents, whose business takes the family from place to place, brush off the warning signs as Rosa’s “acting out.” Now that they have moved again—from Bangkok to New York City—their new hometown provides far too many opportunities for Rosa to play her increasingly complex and disturbing games. Alone, Che must balance his desire to protect Rosa from the world with the desperate need to protect the world from her.

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I’m not usually a big fan of scary books, or movies or anything really. But I heard this was a good book and I saw it at the library the other day and decided to get it.

I was massively disappointed. My Sister Rosa is not scary at all, it is a times slightly disturbing, but it never got to a point where I was afraid to read it at night. The character of Rosa is bland for a psychopath. She talks about killings things, but the closest she gets is making her friends do a few things.

The main character Che is a pretty good character, I liked the story being told from his POV but I also was confused by things. SPOILER At the end of the book we find out that Che’s brain is also wired like a psychopath’s, but we are never given a good reason as to why he’s not like his sister. END SPOILER.  And while his development as a person who does everything his parents say, to being more of a ”normal teenager” is interesting, it also made the whole book feel more normal.

I had several problems with the other characters. For one the parents are typical YA parents, never noticing what’s going on and completely ignoring the child whose trying to tell them. It comes to light latter why the dad is doing this, but I still felt that the mom was insufferably annoying.

I also disliked Che’s girlfriend Sid. She was annoying and wishy-washy. She was also christian and spend a lot of her time trying to convert both Che and his sister, which I just thought was unnecessary.

Overall I thought the book was a waste of time. I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads.

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