Promoting Creativity: Rachel Sargeant

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1) Tell us a little bit about what you do. 

I’m a third year English student that specializes in Romantic Era poetry and wants to go into publishing. I also work at a bookstore, which helps contribute to my book-buying addictions. I write fantasy novels and horrible metaphoric poetry, and model in my spare time. I also run a Youtube channel (AModelWhosRead) where I talk about way too many books and am a part of the Youtube writing group YA WordNerds. My favourite colour is purple and I love my antisocial cat more than she loves me.

2) When and why did you start writing? 

I have no idea! Maybe first grade? I remember writing a story about my hamster I had at the time and drawing pictures to accompany it that looked like potatoes with eyes. I loved writing class throughout elementary and high school and entered a few writing contests for fun. I joined a theatre company in high school and got to write my own scripts and direct my own plays. When I realized I loved storytelling, I started writing my own novels (I can’t write short stories for the life of me). I’m pretty sure the first legit novel I plotted out and started writing was a werewolf novel. I blame Vampire Diaries being popular that year. The first full length novel I ever finished was a fantasy novel (surprise, surprise) about a forgotten princess who becomes a musical muse to the prince of a new kingdom that I finished when I was 18. It taught me a lot about my personal writing styles and character development, even though it’s absolutely cringe-worthy looking back.

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photo credit  Zooey Norman

3) Tell us about a project that you are currently working on that has you really excited.

I fall prey to SNIS (Shiny New Idea Syndrome) waaaaaay too easily. This means I have at least three projects on the go at all times. My latest one is the one that I’m confident enough about to hopefully publish one day. It’s a fantasy book in a matriarchal society based on Middle Eastern/Persian/Egyptian mythology about a princess who must fight one-on-one battles with suitors for her position to stay unmarried. It’s full of djinn, sand spirits, and fire unicorns along with badass females and lots of shiny things. I’m excited to write this because it’s an unfamiliar world I’m building and the main character has some serious anger issues that are hard to write in a way that doesn’t make her seem like a whiney teenager.


4) What are some of your goals for the future?

My first goal is to finish university! Besides that, I’m aiming to finish writing my current manuscript within the next year and beginning to edit my previous one over the summer. My writing has slipped in frequency the past year due to work and school, so one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write more. I’m also looking into boosting my Youtube channel by collaborating with some publishers and travelling a bit more for modelling purposes. Looking at all this, I think my main goals are to Adult Better while Writing More.


5) How can we support you? 

If any of y’all reading this love YA books, head over to my Youtube channel and join my ginger army of soldiers! I also have a blog with book reviews I post on a somewhat regular basis, and an Instagram that’s half books, half artsy photos of my face I didn’t take myself with a couple of cat pictures thrown in. Also, give some love to my WordNerds if you need some writing inspiration or recommendations. We post daily videos about writing techniques and have live chats every Sunday.


Thank you to Abigail for ‘having me’ this week 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Promoting Creativity: Rachel Sargeant”

  1. Hey, the photo of Rachel in glasses is one I took of her back in 2014 and I have no qualms with it being used; however I would really appreciate it if I could get credit for it. My name is Zooey Norman and if you could add (photo credit to Zooey norman) or something beneath the photo, I would truly appreciate it.

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