Art & Anger By Jane Marcus


“Anger is not anathema in art, it is a primary source of creative energy. Rage and savage indignation sear the hearts of female poets and female critics.” – Jane Marcus

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Art and Anger is a collection of essays published in 1988,  authored by Jane Marcus. I found this book at random, I was looking through the library for books on Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf.

This book is well worth the read. It’s insightful and offers up many interesting points on feminism and how it’s used in literature. Though the author primarily focuses on the words of Virginia Woolf, there is also an essay about the play Salome by Oscar Wilde and a few other subjects.

I liked the correlations of anger in art, that Marcus pointed out and talked about.  Marcus’ essays never fail to bring up interesting subjects, even though they are essays. Though at times it is perhaps a little repetitive I think this book is well worth your time. I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads, and would happily read this one again.



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