Books I’ve DNF’nd This Year

This year in my reading adventures I’ve been giving myself a lot more freedom to stop reading books I don’t like.  Which has been very nice actually. Instead of plodding my way through something I hate, I’ve been able to simply put the book away or give it back to the library.
Part of me was afraid I had been doing it a lot this year. But as I put together this list I realized 4 books out of 47 that I’ve read is not bad. Yes I’m a picky reader, but that’s okay.


Gemina By  Amie Kaufman &  Jay Kristoff : Quit at page 110

My Thoughts: I didn’t particularly like the first book but I saw that there were new characters and I did like the formatting, so I gave it a whirl.  I ended up not even finishing it because all of the characters are horribly dull.  I know a lot of people really liked this series, and I’m honestly disappointed that it wasn’t for me.

No Stars.

24727117 (1).jpg

Mark of Cain By Lindsey Barraclough :  Quit at page 273

My Thoughts: So I really liked the first 100 pages or so of the backstory. It was both well written and the main character was highly sympathetic. Aphra, who later becomes the haunting ghost of the story, is found by witches and everything goes downhill from there. I thought the story could be really cool as witches are a favorite of mine. But after the backstory finishes and we move to the present I found myself bored to tears. I did not like the characters, and the parts that were supposed to be creepy were cliche. I ended up just putting the book away because I didn’t have time for something so boring.

1 star.


MILA 2.0 By Debra Driza: Quit at page 20

My Thoughts:  This is a book I’d had on my TBR since 2010 and I finally thought I should get around to reading it. I would have been better just taking it off my list. As you can tell it didn’t take me long to put this book down. It’s boring, cliche and not worth your time.

No Stars.


The Unidentified By Rae Mariz: Quit at page 34

My Thoughts: This sounded interesting but it was not for me. Right away I was turned off by the main character who doesn’t care about anything, and actually even says that in the book. Which of course made me wonder why I should care either.  Then I had issues with the best friend character who was really bitchy from the start. After that the world got confusing and I was only 34 pages in! I decided it wasn’t worth my time to muddle through the remaining 262 pages.

1 star.


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