End of February Wrap-Up

I just now realized today was March 1st. I had another post all ready and waiting to be posted when it struck me that I should be writing a wrap-up post instead. *sigh* I’m really not sure where my brain has been these last few days.  But anyway, here’s what I was up to last month!

Reading: I made it to 51 books last month. Which puts me 19 books ahead of my overall goal, but actually 8 books behind what I was hoping to be at by now. Also apparently I forgot to write a goals post for last month…

I read 24 books in February.

Writing: February was a pretty great month for writing. I worked on a lot of different things so here’s the short version.

  •  Personal Writing: This month Grant and I worked on writing one flash fiction story a week, the total ended up being over 3000 words and one of the stories I hope to be publishing soon.   The story is called Miracle and I’m really excited to share it with you all.
  • Magazine: I started my own magazine last month! We’ve already had a few submissions, but we’d love to have more. The deadline for the first episode is coming soon! So please check out the website.
  • Internship: I was also editing for my Patchwork Press internship.  I worked with an up and coming author, her book will hopefully be coming out soon! So stay tuned for more updates on that.



4 thoughts on “End of February Wrap-Up”

  1. Woah that is SO MANY BOOKS!! Well done with your reading! What are you aiming for this year? Is it 300? Good luck. 🎉🎉 I got 20 books read but it was a tough scrape through at the end haha because I took like 12 days off to write. 😂 I’m horrible at multitasking. Congrats on the magazine too!! Eeep, you’ve been productive. 😀

    1. Thanks! Currently my goodreads goal is 200 but I’m hoping I’ll go over and at least get 250.
      Well taking time off to read is totally ok, no condemnation from me lol. 😉 I should spend some more time on my writing.

  2. Congratulations on a busy month!
    Is there an official submission deadline for the first issue of your anthology? I’m working on something I’d love to submit, but I haven’t found a deadline anywhere 🙂

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