March Goals

I’ve been trying to write this post for the past few days and it just hasn’t been going very well. I’ve had one goal in the back of my head, but I was trying to wait till I had more. But now it’s March 5th and you know what one goal for the month is just fine.

Finish short story Miracle and edit it for publication.

I mentioned in my last post that Grant and I have been writing flash fiction stories for the past month or so. My last story started out at 600 words before I realized that I wanted to make into a much larger story.  Thus Miracle was born.

The short story is about a young boy named Miracle and his abusive family, and his eventual escape from them.  The idea so far, is leaning towards the absurdist fiction genre, much like my story And So The Stairs Went Up (which you can still download for free on payhip).

So my goal is to write, edit and get this story ready for publication. I will be posting updates on how I’m doing on Patreon, so please consider supporting me if you’re interested in hearing about the story or receiving an early copy of it.



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