Poetry Published in Thistle Magazine

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to share some exciting news with you. Awhile back I mentioned that some of my poetry was accepted into a magazine, and I just found out the other day that the issue was published!

Taken from their website:  Thistle Magazine is is an atlas of intricate avenues and rivers within the hearts and limbs of growing souls. We are in the here and now, yet remain intrigued by what ties us to the past. We are interested in the overlooked and unexpected, the long-lost and unknown, the footnotes and etceteras. We seek your art, your words, your dreams and constellations; the memories and visions of your curious heart. Thistle is for those who long to be reminded of the beauty and wonder that we have today. Thistle is for those who long to explore where it comes from.

I am super excited and thrilled to announce that my two pieces Mother of Bread and Of Petrichor and Golden Stars were published in the spring issue titled Growth.    It’s a beautiful issue and I think you should all download it. The artwork in it is particularly stunning.

Thanks everyone for reading! Hope you have a fantastic day. 🙂


  1. Ahhh, congratulations! I’ll have to check out the issue, and your poetry. 😊 Perhaps when I have a spare moment this April, since it’s National Poetry Month?

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