Camp NaNo Day 9

Wow! Is it already day 9?   I wish I could take a screenshot of my current stats but sadly my phone is dying and I can no longer do that. 😛  That said though, Camp has been going really well! I’ve been writing about 2k a day, though I’ve had two days this month where I didn’t write anything due to life.

The current wordcount is 14,018.  And that’s all on A Siren’s Tale!  At the beginning of this month I was hoping to write 20,000 on whatever writing I was able to get done. But since then I’ve found that A Siren’s Tale has been taking up all of my attention.  I’m hoping to reach 20k by the 11th, and if I stay on track for that then I’m going to bump my goal to 30k.   I admit, a part of me is hoping to write 50k on this novel and finish it so I can start edits.  We’ll see what happens. 🙂

I’m leaving a link to my Camp Nano stats , and hoping it works for you all to take a look.

How has your Camp Nano experience been? What’s your wordcount? Any favorite characters or scenes? 


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