Camp Nano Day 28


What do you do when you’re 30k in a novel and realize the entire story is in the wrong genre?  I don’t know about you, but I had a mini panic attack.

A Siren’s Tale is currently somewhere in the Fantasy genre, and as I was writing today it struck me that the story should be in the Surrealist genre.  I loved how the beginning is set up, it has a hazy quality as we see the main character, Mara, change subtly from a woman to a siren. But somewhere along the way I lost all of that and traded it for a very fact-like fantasy story. The beauty was lost and I got bored.  I’ve been complaining recently about how hard it’s been to write A Siren’s Tale, but I wasn’t sure why it was so hard.  Today it hit me. Only this realization has come a bit late in the game. I’m over halfway through the story and I’m afraid if I go back at this point that I’ll never finish it. Which is why I’m plugging on, hating most all of it, but looking forward to the editing very much.

It’s hard to stick to stories sometimes, especially when the perfectionist in me is screaming all day long about how terrible the writing is.  What are some of your tricks to silencing the inner editor?  Or, how do you stick to a story when it bores you?  Let me know in the comments how you get yourself to finish novels, I’d love for as much advice as I can get.

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