Technical Difficulties

A couple days ago I received  word back from a magazine about a submission of mine.  The email was a rejection. And although it was a nice rejection, as far as those go, it was still depressing to read.  It feels like all of my writing is going nowhere at the moment.

Although technically still on track to finish A Siren’s Tale, the more I write it the more I realize I’m going to have to do four times the editing I thought it would need. Which puts me behind on my long term goal to try and get it published.

Sometimes it’s hard not to look at what little I’ve accomplished so far and feel depressed. It’s hard not to feel behind in life because I haven’t started college yet.  It’s hard not to hold myself to impossible standards because I want to make something of my life.  It’s hard not to get overwhelmed…

But it’s never okay to give up. I know this. I keep telling myself it. I’ve written it in my journal a million times.  Grant tells me it all the time.  I’m not giving up, I’ll never give up. I’ve never been one to just quit.  Some days are just a little harder than others, this is one of them.  I just have to keep reminding myself better days will come.


  1. *sends you warm cupcakes* I totally get this, Abi. I think all of us writers/creators/artists go through it? And that doesn’t actually make it easier, but at least you’ve got the right mentality of don’t give up!! And I swear I want to quit writing at least half a dozen times a year. But it WILL get worth it in the end!! 💕

    • Thanks Cait! Yeah it’s true, we all go through times like this. Which is why it’s lovely to know fellow writers on the internets so we can all encourage each other. 🙂

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