On Finishing A Siren’s Tale

This week I finally finished A Siren’s Tale. It’s only taken me two months to write the first draft of this story.  So much has turned out differently than I thought it would.  For one, the story isn’t at 50k, it’s only at 39k.  As I was writing today I realized that I couldn’t force the story to go longer than it needed to. What was the point? After all it’s just a first draft. When I go back and edit it I can make it longer.Second, I accidentally wrote AST in the wrong genre. Which means I have about twice as much work to do in the editing process as I originally thought I would.  Twice the work would put me several months behind in my goals, which just unacceptable.  I’m almost 22 years old, it’s high time I do more with my writing.

Last, my minor characters are practically like cardboard. I was so in love with my two main characters, Mara and Ingrid, that I tended to gloss over scenes with anyone else but them.  By itself this problem wouldn’t be so much to deal with, it’s normal for first drafts. But combined with the previous, it’s just enough to put me behind.

All that said, I have officially finished draft 1 of A Siren’s Tale. This story will be going on the back burner to simmer till I can give it the attention it deserves.  Hooray for finishing.


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