Pandora’s Box By Alice Thompson


Goodreads Synopsis: One dark night, Dr. Noah Close, a plastic surgeon, opens the door to find a beautiful woman aflame on his doorstep. She is without name or voice or past. Noah puts out the fire, nurses her to health, and makes her his wife. He calls her Pandora, and for a while, they live together contentedly. A year later Noah wakes in the middle of the night to find Pandora beside him in bed covered with blood. He goes to call for an ambulance, but when he returns, she has vanished. Her inexplicable disappearance catapults Noah out of his clinical, ordered existence into a life on the run and a stop-at-nothing search for answers. Pandora’s uncertain past leaves Noah with little to go on. He begins his unorthodox investigation by honing the art of breaking and entering and then enlists the help of Venus – a private investigator with mystical visions and a strange habit of changing sexes. The pursuit takes the pair to the lush depravity of Las Vegas, where they meet Lazarus, a sculptor obsessed with the human form, who curiously mirrors the features and expressions of others on his own face. Seductive and chilling, Pandora’s Box is an imaginative take on the myth of Pandora and the concept of beauty.

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“Why did he need to express himself when he already knew what lay inside his mind?”

Alice Thompson’s story Pandora’s Box is of course a retelling of the original myth, but the story of Pandora takes on a whole new twist in this mystery-esque meets poetical thriller.

While the plot can be hard to follow at times, the prose is absolutely beautiful. Alice Thompson always writes in such a lyrical way that one can’t help liking her books just for that.
If you’re looking for a book with an easy to follow story, and normal character development this isn’t your book. This is a book that you read and then read in between the lines. It’s a story where you have to step back from and look behind what’s currently going on in page.  But this is a beautiful book. It’s a short read, my copy was 148 pages. It’s a story that inspires other stories, and then more stories after that.

After reading Pandora’s Box, and another of Thompson’s books, I honestly think every writer should read at least one of her stories.  All of her books are very well structured, and I find her books are good examples to learn from.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads.


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