May 12th Writing Update

Here is a quick update of what I’ve been doing.

Taking Our Potted Plants for A Walk: Made it to 10k on this novel. I’m beginning to wonder how long the story will be, and if it might just be novella length.  This doesn’t worry me, it just means I should sit down and finish plotting the story so I can get an estimate.

Miracle: I opened up this story again, for the first time since Camp Nano…And promptly began to edit it. Which meant I cut it down to 680 words. How is this productive you ask? Well I had been having problems with a scene, that was really cute but just didn’t fit in the narrative of the story. So I took it out and I think (I hope) that this will allow me to get past my writer’s block on it.

A Poem For Family: This poem is new. I started to today because I’m going to dedicate it to two of my new patrons, who just happen to be family. I’ve been wanting to write a poem on the theme of family for awhile, something a little more happy than my normal poetry.


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