May Reading Wrap-Up

I know there’s still four more days left in the month, but I have some posts planned for the later days and thought it would be a good idea to get this one out of the way.

I’ve been doing a ton of reading lately.  Currently I have 33 books out on loan from the library, have finished a total of 120 books for the year and read 21 books this month.

4 Star Reads: 

A fantastic total of 8 four star books this month!  I was able to read some non-fiction this month, which was fun. Most of them were books on writing since I’ve had some writer’s block and I was hoping for inspiration.  I also read a translation of Sappho’s poetry which was really beautiful, probably my favorite of all these books.  Though Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit was also a pretty great read.

3 Star Reads: 

Of course I usually have more 3 star reads than anything. This month’s total is 10. There were some fairly good reads in here, despite the 3 star rating.  Miss Jane was intriguing but it wasn’t as emotional as I wanted it to me. Once In Loudres was interesting but disturbing. Some of the books were predictable, others just didn’t hold my interest as much as I wanted them to.

2-1 Star Reads: 

Only three books! I’m always happy when my 2 star or lower ratings are few. Art is Spiritual Path was rambly and boring, I was hoping it would be more insightful. Caraval was the most predictable book I’ve read in awhile, as well as all the YA stereotypes thrown together. And Saffire made me uncomfortable, it’s about a white man saving a black slave girl and it just felt a little racist so I stopped reading.


What did you read this month? 



  1. Whoah, so many exciting books! I’ve seen a lot of hype on A Study in Charlotte, did you think it didn’t live up to the hype? And I’ve been loving Stephen King lately, I might give his writing book a shot.

    • Yeah I was really disappointed by A Study in Charlotte. It didn’t really give a new twist to the Sherlock story, and was very predictable.
      Totally should! It was a fantastic book, made me want to read some of his other books, even though horror scares me.

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