What’s Up Next For Me

My birthday is coming up soon.  August is right around the corner. I’m going to be twenty-two.  Honestly this scares me. But that’s no surprise, I’m scared of a lot of things (heh it’s great living with anxiety *sarcasm*)

It’s not just the age that scares me (I’M GOING TO BE TWENTY-TWO. LIKE I HAVE TO PRETEND I’M AN ADULT AND THAT I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING) it’s also the feeling of not having done much with my life.   I mean I’ve published a few things things, not that many people read them.  I’ve got a wonderful partner that I’ve been in a healthy relationship with for almost three years. But…what else have I done? Gods and fates that question scares the hell out of me.

So for the next two months, until my dreaded day of birth, I’m going to be frantically writing and trying to get my stuff out into the world.  That said here is what’s on the agenda to be published next.

A Mad Woman’s Voice – I’ve put this darling baby off for too long. She’s been through four drafts, well five is coming up, and she’s starting to feel old enough to be out in the world on her own.  It’s scary letting go of one’s children but dammit I need to stop being so afraid all the time.  My tentative date for this is my birthday, 8/10/17.

The King, The Adviser & The Peasant – But Abi! You were going to release Miracle next, what is this random short story???  Yes. I know. I’m a terrible person.  It’s just that Miracle is not working with me. It’s a terrible child that has been throwing a tantrum for weeks…no longer than that! And I’m done. Miracle can go into timeout for awhile.  In the meantime I’m going to give you my good child.  It will be dedicated to one of my patreon supporters, who has been waiting so patiently for a story.  Please accept this child in Miracle’s place.  The date for this story is June 24th.

That said be on the look out for posts with cover reveals and more info!


2 thoughts on “What’s Up Next For Me”

  1. I’ll be turning 22 next January and I completely understand that feeling of having to start being a proper adult and things… But honestly it seems like you’ve accomplished a good amount for your age! (I for one haven’t published anything before.) I think in our age group there’s this constant stress to do things extremely quickly and accomplish things quickly otherwise you’re a failure–and that’s just not true. Especially with writing, people publish well into their 40s, 50s, etc., so don’t stress yourself out about accomplishing things at certain ages. I think being proud of what you’re working on is more important than how old you are when you accomplish your goals, anyhow.

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