To Walk Invisible – The Movie


I have always been fascinated by the Bronte sisters. I was probably around the age 14 when I read Jane Erye and fell in love with it and it’s writer. So when I saw that BBC had put out a TV movie on the Bronte sisters I knew I had to watch it.

The movie is two hours and split into two disks.  The sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne are played by Finn Atkins, Chloe Pirrie & Charlie Murphy. And their brother Branwell is played by Adam Nagaitis.

The acting in this movie is fantastic. You really get a feel for what these sisters went through. Poverty and worry about their brother and his excessive drinking and his general bad temper. The Bronte sisters were brilliant, as anyone can tell when you read their books. But they were born in a time where women weren’t allowed to do much of anything, and in this film you can really see the struggle it is for them to be writers and women.

I would have loved to see this film be a longer TV series. There was a lot more I wanted to see about their lives. The three sisters lost their two older sisters earlier on in life, as well as their mother.  But as it is I found To Walk Invisible to be a very good film, I definitely recommend it to you all.



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