Winesburg, Ohio – By Sherwood Anderson


Goodreads Synopsis: Before Raymond Carver, John Cheever, and Richard Ford, there was Sherwood Anderson, who, with Winesburg, Ohio, charted a new direction in American fiction–evoking with lyrical simplicity quiet moments of epiphany in the lives of ordinary men and women. In a bed, elevated so that he can peer out the window, an old writer contemplates the fluttering of his heart and considers, as if viewing a pageant, the inhabitants of a small midwestern town. Their stories are about loneliness and alienation, passion and virginity, wealth and poverty, thrift and profligacy, carelessness and abandon. “Nothing quite like it has ever been done in America,” wrote H. L. Mencken. “It is so vivid, so full of insight, so shiningly life-like and glowing, that the book is lifted into a category all its own.” 

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I picked this one up because I’ve been trying to read more classic literature, this was one of the books I found on a list. Which list I can’t actually remember at the moment. 😀

Short stories are always fun to read, and this collection is quite interesting. It’s also really odd. The stories are a jumbled mess of characters and lives and plot. In a way it’s fitting, as these stories look deep into the heart of humanity and carry the story from there. But at the same time it was also a little confusing. Winesburg, Ohio is a book I would read again just to see if I got it better the second time round.  It’s also a book that interested me in reading more by the author Sherwood Anderson.

I gave it three stars on Goodreads.


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