Song For A Funeral – By Abigail Pearson

Song For A Funeral


I know the song that I’ll play at your funeral

I heard it on my walk home today

It had the sounds of a simple guitar

The sort of thing I could play if I tried

But the words summed up everything I felt about you

The humdrum, the everyday, the sight of your hair askew in the morning

The nights of making love, the words we wrote together, the hands we held. 


We’ve been together for two years

And yesterday we went to my grandmother’s funeral

I wonder

Did you think of my death when we first fell in love?

I know I thought of your face

And what it would look like in forty years

Maybe it’s not romantic to say



It’s hard to think of you growing old

Of your eyesight going – maybe I’ll make fun of you for that like I make fun of you now

Of your hands becoming soft and wrinkled – and I’ll play with the veins

Like I did to my parent’s older friends when I was a kid

Will you still touch me with those hands?

It’s hard to think of living on after you

Promise me

That you’ll let me go first.


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