Coda – By Emma Trevayne


Goodreads Synopsis: Ever since he was a young boy, music has coursed through the veins of eighteen-year-old Anthem—the Corp has certainly seen to that. By encoding music with addictive and mind-altering elements, the Corp holds control over all citizens, particularly conduits like Anthem, whose life energy feeds the main power in the Grid.  Anthem finds hope and comfort in the twin siblings he cares for, even as he watches the life drain slowly and painfully from his father. Escape is found in his underground rock band, where music sounds free, clear, and unencoded deep in an abandoned basement. But when a band member dies suspiciously from a tracking overdose, Anthem knows that his time has suddenly become limited. Revolution all but sings in the air, and Anthem cannot help but answer the call with the chords of choice and free will. But will the girl he loves help or hinder him?

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I was super excited to read this book, as the main character is a male bisexual, which you don’t see very often!

Sadly this book was not for me.  From page one to the end of the book I was confused as hell.  The main premise of the book wasn’t explained until half way through, and even then the explanation made little sense.  The plot twists were cliche and obvious and in short I was so bored. I had to force myself to finish this book, and yes I did skim the last few chapters.

Anthem has no personality. He wanders around through the story with confusing and conflicting motivations. He’s dull as a bag of rocks. He wants to fight the government and protect his siblings at the same time, but he never makes choices that make sense for what he wants.

As for the other characters…Where were they? What were they doing? I’m not sure, I never cared enough for any of them to look past the plot.  I wanted to care, I really did. I just couldn’t get to know any of them. I was also sad that the romance wasn’t M/M, but I did like the inclusion of Anthem’s ex-boyfriend.  It’s nice to see bisexual characters in books!

I think Coda was a really unique idea. I love Dystopian literature, I think the characters could have been badass. Sadly it just never happened. I gave this book 1 star on Goodreads.

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