Tiny Moments – By Sarah Little


Synopsis: There are moments that define us; moments that defy us; moments that design us; moments that decry us. We are made up of little moments that devise us and destroy us, and make us decide who we really are

“tiny moments” is a collection of 10 poems which catch short moments in time.

Find on Etsy, Goodreads and on Sarah’s Blog. 

This is a lovely little chapbook. I read in about an hour this morning.   What first caught my attention were the titles of the poems. Each one was vivid and drew me into the story of the poem.  From photo-shoot girlfriend to on the subject of warpaint they each painted a clear picture.

The poems themselves were also beautiful.  Here’s a line I really liked:

(she becomes a/ facsimile of a girl,/ a secret monster/ without a face)

Sarah is truly a gifted poet, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in the future.

I gave this chapbook 4 stars on Goodreads.   Again be sure to check out Sarah’s blog, as she frequently shares poetry and other writing on it.

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