June Reading Wrap-Up

Okay so I read a lot of books this month, so bare with me this post is going to be long.  So I had a lot of books due at the library so I ended up reading 33 books. I don’t even know how that happened.

1 star books: 8 total. I had a sad amount of 1 star books this month. I already talked about how disappointed I was in Windwitch. I also read some philosophy/religious books and the were also disappointing, and also boring.


2 star books: 2 total. The Essential Tao was supposed to be a “here’s all the info about Tao” and it ended up being just a book of sayings which I found boring.  Over You was cliche, and I hated most of the characters.

2.5 stars: 4 books total.  These were books that didn’t quite make the 3 star cut, but ones that I gave three stars on Goodreads. Golden Son I’ve already reviewed. Post Tramatic Church Syndrome suffered from an egotistical author. Otherbound was confusing as hell, and the ending felt like it came out of nowhere.  When Dimple Met Rishi was a huge disappointment.

3 stars: 10 books total. A lot of these books either just didn’t hold my attention as much as I wanted them too, or I just didn’t fall in love with the characters as much. A couple were hard to read such as, Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics, and Carl Sagan’s book. I’ll be doing reviews for a lot of these in the next month or so.

4 stars: 7 books total. Yay! I love it when I have a good amount of 4 star books. Eliza and her Monsters was fabulous! Of course George R. R. Martin’s book was great. I was super happy to be able to read the princess saves herself in this one, totally lived up to the hype. Also We Are Okay was heartbreaking in all the right ways.

5 star reads: 2 books total. Saga is always amazing, if you haven’t read the series yet get up right now and do it. No excuses. 😉  And I really loved the poetry of Sylvia Plath.

So what did you read this month?


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