Of Sourdough Bread & Kombucha Tea

I know this blog is primarily a writing and reading blog, but I do have a life outside of these things, I know it’s a huge surprise. ūüėČ

When I was a kid I spent some of my childhood on a farm. My parents had goats and chickens, a huge garden and all sorts of things. ¬†Now that I’m older I’m not sure if I’d ever like a farm like that, but I do miss the taste of homegrown veggies, and raw milk. ¬†I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the past couple of weeks, and finally have decided to start doing something about it. ¬†Unfortunately I live in an apartment in the middle of the city, which makes it hard to have a garden. But I can do a few simple things such as make my own sourdough bread, and kombucha tea. ¬† I’ve uploaded a few pictures to show you all what I’ve been doing.

Here’s the starter, I’ve been feeding this batch for about a week now so I figured it was time to make my first loaf!¬†

I’m actually in the process of trying two different sourdough recipes. The one in the white bowl is one that doesn’t use yeast, and will have to rise overnight. I’ll do another post on how it turned out later this week. The recipe¬†I’m using can be found here.¬†

The second loaf I’m making does have yeast in it. You can find the recipe¬†here.¬†

The dough looks beautiful after rising for 90 minutes.

Now here are the loaves before their second rise.

And here is the final product. Two beautiful loaves. The bread tasted good, though it didn’t have as much of the sourdough flavor I wanted.¬†

And here we have the tea I’m using for my kombucha, it’s a black tea as I’m not a huge fan of green tea.


Tea’s done now and finishing cooling. Right now I’m using a makeshift container for the scoby until I can get a bigger jar! ūüôā

Now it’s ready to ferment for about 7 or so days. I’ll do another post on it later, and I’ll take pictures of the scoby.¬†


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