Reading Wrap-Up July 2017

I read all of 22 books this month.  Which isn’t as much as last month, but I also read more books that I actually enjoyed, which is awesome in my opinion.

1 Star Reads. I’ve already written reviews for most of these, which you can find here.

2 Star Reads. Only 1 book! I’ll be writing a review for this later this week, be sure to check back in when it comes out!


3 Star Reads. 8 books, there are a lot of books in this pile unfortunately. I was really disappointed for Given to the Sea, I really wanted to love that book. Also Whiskey Words & A Shovel was a somewhat disappointing read.

4 Star Reads. This month was a good one for 4 stars! All of six books. I really enjoyed the next volume of Alex + Ada, as well as Maresi.

5 Star Reads. I love it how all of my five star reads this month were comics. 😀 In case you didn’t know, Saga is the best comic on the planet and you should read it asap.

So what did you read this month? 


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