Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you so much to Didi Oviatt for tagging me. 

Rules: Recognize your nominator, answer the questions, ask some questions of your own, and then pass the tag on!

1. Were you named after anyone special? 

I was named for the mythological character in the bible, Abigial, King David’s wife, and my middle name is after my great-grandmother on my mom’s side of the family.

2. Do you prefer to read by Tablet or Paperback?

Paperback all the way! Tablets and kindles can be nice for traveling, but nothing beats a physical copy of a book.  And actually I really dislike hardbacks, I don’t like how big and bulky they are. Plus I hate not being able to flip to the back and read the synopsis. Who actually read the praise for books anyway? Unless you’re on goodreads!

3. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?

I’ve had recurring nightmares before. Usually it involves trying to save my many siblings (I’m the oldest of 11 kids counting myself) and failing to do so.

4. Have you ever participated in a local event or charity?

It’s been awhile since I have.

5. What is the hardest habit you’ve ever had to kick?

As a child I had some sort of OCD that tied into my anxiety, I would do things like obsessively check to make sure the doors were locked outside, or go to the bathroom every 30 seconds, things like that. It made me feel insane, and finally as I started to reach 13 or so I told myself I had to stop or everyone would realize I was crazy.  It took about a year-ish but I eventually stopped being obsessive about things.

6. Is there any particular smell or song that reminds you of your childhood?

Old christian songs remind me a lot of my childhood. Different smells do as well, like my Grandmother’s cooking.

7. Do you prefer sweet or salty junk food?

Depends on my mood, though probably overall I would say salty.

8. Do you prefer to spend your time in big cities or small country sides?

Neither. I like medium size cities.  Ones that are big enough that I’m able to go out and see friends and do fun things on the weekend. But I dislike big cities like Portland, they’re overwhelming.  Country sides and small towns are the worst, I’ve always hated living in them.

9. What is your ideal vacation spot?

Grant and I go to this hotel in Newport, it’s called The Sylvia Beach Hotel. It’s the most beautiful place, the rooms are amazing. If you’re ever in Oregon, definitely try to stop by. It’s perfect for book lovers!


  1. Have you ever traveled outside the US?
  2. What’s the first memory you can remember?
  3. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
  4. Do you enjoy having pets?
  5. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Elisabeth Wheatley, Esther Eckstine & Jessica. 

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