Currently I’m….

I’ve seen a few posts like this before, so instead of a book review I thought I’d just do a mini update.

Reading: I only just started this book, but I’m really excited to read more. The first chapter has been very well written, I love how vivid it is. Plus a story about a woman gladiator sounds super badass.  Find on Goodreads.


Writing: These days I’ve been mostly focusing on my third poetry collection, Maybe Not Her. I’m 2728 words in, which is about 33 poems. I’m hoping to make this collection my longest one yet.  I’m also supposed to be working on my novella, Collecting Chaos, but that’s taken a back burner for now.

Watching: I’ve been watching a couple of things these days. Last week I got the first season of The X-Files and started it.  So far it’s been pretty cheesy, but it’s also a good show to have on in the background when I’m cleaning the house.

I’ve also been watching the latest season of Game of Thrones with Grant and another friend Sarah.  This season has been quite interesting, and next Sunday the last episode comes out.  It’s getting rather suspenseful!

Listening: The other day Grant had me listen to a band he’d found, and I’ve pretty much been listening to it every day since. It’s called Caravan Palace, and the genre is Electro Swing. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs.


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