Reading Wrap-Up August 2017

Wow this month was not a good month for me reading-wise. I guess I was a little distracted this month. I’ve been doing more editing, and working on my poetry. But also my birthday was this month and Grant and I went to the coast for it. Anyway, I read 13 books this month. Unfortunately no 5 star reads, but not as many low stars either. Also I’m still ahead of my reading goal, I’m currently at 194 books of 250. Once I reach 200 I’m considering moving my goal up to 300, but I haven’t decided if that’s a good idea or not. What do you think?

1 Star Reads: The Treatment and The Reader I both DNF. The Reader was too cliche and predictable, The Treatment all about a stupid love triangle. Full reviews to come.


2 Star Reads: I’ve already reviewed this book on the blog. You can check that out here. 


3 Star Reads: I’ve reviewed some of these books already. The Valiant was the last book I read this month, and it was pretty good. Parts of it were better than I thought they would be, other parts were a bit too coincidental.

4 Star Reads: I really enjoyed reading all of these books.  The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is every bit as good as people say it is. Bitch Planet interesting comic, as ever. I will be doing reviews for these books in the next few weeks. I reviewed Maud: The Life of L.M. Montgomery last week.

And there you go! So what did you read this month? Are you happy with your reading goals? 

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