Promoting Creativity – August 2017

This month I interviewed the art editor for my magazine Cauldron Anthology.  She’s been such a wonderful help to the magazine, I just had to do some promotion for her. Thank you so much Tierney!


1) Tell us a little bit about what you do.

You know the old adage about diversifying your stocks? I do the same, but with my skills and experiences. I spend most of my time writing or editing, but I enjoy grappling with all sorts of things to enhance the abilities I already possess. At the moment, I’m the social media manager for Sundress Publications; a copy editor and proofreader for Strange Horizons; and a graphic design intern for Ploughshares. Amongst others, really, but those are the largest of my current jobs. I’m also a current grad student with Emerson College for their Writing, Literature, and Publishing degree. (Didn’t I say I work a lot? I meant it.) At the moment, I’m probably most closely linked with graphic design, which is hilarious because I hated design work when I first found my way into InDesign and now… Here I am.

2) When and why did you start writing?

Much of my educational history stems from the rhetoric of composition, so I’ve spent countless hours, and at least a couple of academic papers, trying to answer this very question for myself. I’m still learning and noticing new tendencies in myself and others, but I’ve come up with a fairly basic description for myself and my evolution in writing.

Telling stories came naturally to me at a very early age. My entire family still talks about my stories of Allison the Saver Dog, a superhero pooch I made up when I was just beginning to talk and told stories of throughout most of my childhood. (I love dogs. I was a very early talker and my first words were “want doggy” so I’ve been obsessed my entire life.) I was constantly making up stories in my head because I was always reading or consuming a story from other media types. One of my first non-fiction pieces for school (in, maybe, second or third grade?) was about my travels with my family that my teacher really identified as solid writing, especially for such a young kid; my mom is still bitter that my teacher never gave that paper back to her. I told stories from the backseat while my parents drove. I was fortunate in that my mother, who doesn’t like reading, took me to the library every week. My father gave me access to his little collection of books. I’ve always had people in my life that enabled me to grow into a better writer and person.

Engaging so much, so early really solidified in my mind that the input/output of stories, in this case specifically writing, is the most important way to contextualize the world while also exerting control over where you are and what you’re doing. Every piece of writing I do has a different, more immediate context that I want to push toward, but are ultimately a means to build communication either with myself or an external audience.


3) Tell us about a project that you are currently working on that has you really excited.

Besides everything I’m ever doing professionally, which I’m always ready to talk about, I have been working (slowly, but working nonetheless) on a collection of short stories based on number stations. Anyone who knows me knows I love science fiction and the weird. They’ve also probably read my undergraduate capstone project where I finally started to really write for this idea I’ve had in my head for a while now. The collection hasn’t quite coagulated entirely yet, but it will get there.

I’ve also recently gotten back on track with writing poetry. While I don’t have any plans for a collection of poems yet (or even soon, really), I’m happy to be writing in varied styles again. It’s so great to be stretching myself into these different mental angles and working out how to make each work the way I want them to. Even more, I’ve started a blog, finally, where I’ll be posting little snippets of stories (probably mostly non-fiction for now but will branch out soon) as consistently as I can. There are other possible future-projects that are currently hatchlings, but I’ll leave those as a simple tease for now!

4) What are some of your goals for the future?

My goals are… mostly to just enjoy what I do and hopefully make a reasonable living off of doing them. Graduating, maintaining a steady job, and furthering my engagement with the literary world. I’m sick as of answering these questions (and the Hugo Awards are happening) so I’ve also been whining all day about wanting to be best friends with Ellen Datlow or at least working for Tor, so I’d take those too.

 5) How can we support you?

Follow and talk to me on social media, twitter and blog can be found here. Get me involved in cool stuff, send me paid editing and/or design gigs, and keep an eye out for a hopefully-soon-to-open Patreon page where you will see writings in progress, maybe some design tutorials, and lots of hijinks (including, maybe probably, my K-pop magazine project)!

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