September 20th – Updates

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Ah yes, another writing update.  I promise I’ll have a music update soon, just as soon as I can actually play a song without needing to look at the chords. I have learned parts of four songs though!Anyway, writing.

Maybe Not Her is still coming along splendidly. It’s now at 65 pages, and I’ve been managing to keep up my one poem a day goal. This collection really be very reflective of my year. It shows my ups and my downs. I’m now thinking of breaking into different parts for different people that I write about.

Collecting Chaos reached the 9k mark this week! I feel like things are really back and rolling with this novel. I love my characters, and the plot is really fun, just very happy-go-lucky and it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a book like that.

Today I did something I probably shouldn’t have done, and that is I started a new story. It doesn’t really have a title, I’m tentatively calling it Her. It’s a post apocalyptic story about a single mother who has just given birth. It will follow her throughout the little girl’s life, for probably about 12 years. I love post apocalyptic stories, so it’s been pretty fun to start one myself. I’m already 1,500 words in!

And that’s it for now! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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