Halloween Movies I’ve Been Watching Pt 2

Welcome back for part 2 of my Halloween movie watching fun! 😀 I have three more movies on the list today, and will probably have to do a third part in the upcoming week.  These are all films I’ve watched for the first time, I know I know I’m very unclutured. I’m trying to make up for it.

Nightmare Before Christmas: 3 stars


I knew this one was a musical before I watched it. 😀 But that was pretty much the only thing I knew.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is weird and amusing.  It will never be one of my favorites, I don’t think it was written particularly well. But it’s something fun to watch to get into the Halloween season.

Coraline: 4 stars


I really enjoyed watching this film. I’d read the book years ago, but had forgotten parts of it. I loved Coraline’s blue hair!  And the animation was really cute. I think this story is a little bit scary for kids, but then again I was a very sensitive child.  As an adult though I loved the story, and I plan on making this one of the films I watch every year during October.

Sleepy Hollow: 3 stars


Ah yes, another Johnny Depp film.  🙂 The atmosphere and filming were my favorite part of this one. I loved the costumes,  and I especially liked Ichabod’s glasses and tools for detective work. They were very steampunk-esque and cool.  The story itself wasn’t fantastic, it was very easy to predict. But overall I thought it was a fine movie, and I’d probably watch it again.

Have you seen any of these films? What are some of your favorite Halloween films? 


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