Promoting Creativity October – Hope Pennington

Today I’m back with another Promoting Creativity, and today I have with me Hope Pennington! I hope you all enjoy reading this interview and that you are able to check out her website.
1) Tell us a little bit about what you do.
First things first I’m a huge nerd.  Yeah I’m one of those kids who likes dictionaries and libraries and would spend all day reading comics and scifi novels if I could.  This lead me to write a book about bizarre tentacle aliens when I was nine and it’s just snowballed from there.  Today I publish fantasy novels and produce a manga series about robots on a post-apocalyptic earth.
2) When and why did you start writing?
Like I said I was 9 when I wrote my first scifi book but I’d been writing stories since I was seven inspired by my older sister Grace who today writes a young adult scifi series as well as several other stand alone novels.  I would watch her write little mysteries and princess stories and be so mystified and inspired that I’d end up trying it out for myself and seventeen years later here I am still writing.
3) Tell us about a project that you are currently working on that has you really excited.
I’m actually about to release a book called “There’s A Werewolf At My School” about an awkward bookworm in middle school who hears rumors that one of the students is secretly a werewolf and he and his misfit friends have to track it down before time runs out.  I’ve been writing this project with my younger brother Adam for about a three years now and we hope to have it out before Christmas.  I think it’s something teen readers will really enjoy.  I certainly would’ve loved reading something like that when I was younger and I know my brother Adam would as well.
4) What are some of your goals for the future?
Since advertising my own books on social media I realized that a ton of indie creators make brilliant art and don’t get the chance to share it with anyone so I started my own social media marketing business on my website and have marketed for several authors, filmmakers and bloggers since.  I’m enjoying growing my social media expertise and hope to expand my client base to something that could actually support me.  Doing work from home like this has (and has the potential to) give me the chance to put more quality and time into my writing projects while helping other artists in the process.
5) How can we support you?
Honestly following my social media and sharing anything you find inspiring is the best way to help.  Also commenting and letting me know that someone’s there and someone has an opinion on my stuff.   My novels are all on my website and if you want to buy and read them, writing a quick review on amazon would be a HUGE help.  Thank you so much for all your support and never give up on your dreams and passions.  Someone out there needs to hear your story. #WeAreEpicHeroes
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