October Reading Wrap-Up

This has been a really great month for my reading. Not only did I read 19-20 (hopefully I’ll finish the book I’m on today) books, but I also had a lot of 4 star reads.  And I’m now almost done with my book goal for the year. By the time I finish today’s read I will officially be at 233 books

1 Star. You can find reviews of Tempest and Clockwork Angel here and here. And a review for City of Fallen Angels will be coming out soon.


2 Stars: Only 2 books in this category! I can’t begin to tell you how pleased this makes me. I have yet to review Article 5, but you can find a review for All These Things I’ve Done here.


3 Stars: Usually this category is the one with the most books, but not so this month! Still I did find some interesting reads. I would recommend both Venturess and The Goblins of Bellwater. 


4 Stars: So many good books in this section. I’ve done reviews for a few of them already, such as Whipping Girl, The Host, and The Memory Trees. And I can’t wait to do a review for Rat Queens and Wildefire because I really enjoyed both of these!


5 Stars: And last but not least, this was the best book I read all month, and I highly recommend it to all of you. I reviewed Stone Butch Blues here.


What did you read this month? Are you behind on you reading goal or ahead? 

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