Oct 16 – Moving On

This was originally posted on my Patreon, I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. If you’d like to get access to these posts please consider supporting me. Thanks! 

My writing seems to be picking up in the last week. Saturday I sent out two poems to a magazine. And today I’ve been working on my internship editing.

Maybe Not Her is now at 76 pages, I can’t believe I’m over half way done with the first draft. It’s exciting to see the collection come together. I hope to be at 80 pages by this time next week.

I haven’t been working on any of my other writing. Sometimes poetry is easier to write, as it’s mostly based on my life. Fiction, sitting down and coming up with new characters and their lives and emotions can be a lot. But I have hopes that I’ll work on Collecting Chaos this week.

Tomorrow I’m going to the first write-in of the NaNoWriMo season. It’s a plotting party, and though I won’t do any actual story plotting, I’m hoping to get out some character ideas.

That’s all for today!

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