Wildefire – By Karsten Knight


Goodreads Synopsis: Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde. A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California’s redwood forests, three thousand miles from her old life—it sounded like the new beginning she needed after an act of unspeakable violence left a girl in her hometown dead. But Blackwood is far from the peaceful haven Ashline was searching for. Because terrifying, supernatural beasts roam the forests around campus. Because the murderer from Ashline’s hometown—her own sister—has followed her across the country. Because a group of reincarnated gods and goddesses has been mysteriously summoned to Blackwood…and Ashline’s one of them.

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When I picked this book up from the library I didn’t even remember putting it on my TBR list, and I avoided reading it because I’d had a patch of bad luck with my reading. But this book blew me away, I throughly loved and enjoyed it.

Knights hooks you from page 1 with a snarky, angry but likable main character Ashline. Where do I even start with her character? Ashline is so well written, that even though she turns out to be a goddess and one of the ”chosen ones” it never came off as boring or cliche. One thing that I believe helped this is the fact that she doesn’t know which goddess she is for quite awhile.

Wildefire is well paced, and I really enjoyed the writing style as well. As far as the plot went, there were a few predictable points but they were usually minor plot developments. And there was a twist at the end that I did not see coming at all, which I very much enjoyed.  The second book is set up to be even better than the first.

The diversity in this book was another thing I enjoyed, though (if I remember correctly) all the characters are straight, most of them were of varying ethnic backgrounds. It was very interesting to see the mythology from each person’s culture. And it was also cool that the one white dude wasn’t your stereotypical white god. You can tell that Knight did a lot of research for this book.

All in all I would heartily recommend this book to you all. I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

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