Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Books I’m Thankful That I Have Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog even hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  And today’s theme is books we are thankful for. Hopefully you won’t all be too bored if I mention some of my favorite books again. 😉

1. As a bisexual woman I am so so thankful that I was recommended this book. There is so much about the LGBTQA+ history that I don’t know very well, and Stone Butch Blues was a good introduction.


2. This book is the book that really got me into the YA genre. It’s funny because I picked it up by random, I was sleeping over at my cousin’s house and she had it on her bookshelf. I grabbed it and read most of it that day. 😀

16068905 (1)

3. Of course I can’t have a list of books I’m thankful for without having this one on the list. Saga is the book that introduced comics to me. It was the book that showed me comics could be about more than just superheros (boring!) and could have amazing art.


4. Today I’m also thankful for Lemony Snicket and his Series of Unfortunate Events. These books showed me that fiction for younger audiences can still be interesting, even as an adult. It also showed me that diving into the weird end of genre can be a fun experience!


5. This book I first read after finding it on my Aunt’s bookshelf. Writing Down the Bones is my go-to writing help book. It puts everything in easy to read chapters, explains things through poetry and just generally is an inspiring book.


6. As some of you know I’m no longer a christian/catholic/religious person. This book is one of the many this year that I’m so thankful to have had the chance to read. It breaks down the Jesus of the bible and shows how christian mythology is just that. Mythology.


7. I’m really thankful to have had the chance to read more poetry this year. It’s been a huge help to my writing. And on this list of great poetry book I’ve read is Nox by Anne Carson.


8. Because one can never had too many poetry books on a list, I wanted to mention Bull by David Elliott. This is a retelling of a classic story, and I really loved the unique way it was put together. Told in verse from the perspective of a couple different characters, it makes you sympathize for the Minotaur in ways I didn’t think possible.


9. I read this book last year, but it’s one of those books I should read every year. I’m thankful to have read it because its a very inspiring and helpful book.


10. And last but not least, more poetry. Heaven or This, I’m so thankful to be able to read poetry by queer writers, and to be able to see myself represented in queer poetry. This book inspires me to no end.



  1. So many great books on this list. I am particularly interested in the ones I don’t know–especially Stone Butch Blues. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to get nostalgic over A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  2. Jesus, Interrupted looks like a very interesting book that will definitely expand my horizon. Does it deal more about anthropology, or history, or more like the author’s thoughts and opinions?

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