December Reading Wrap-Up

Over the month of December I read a total of 17 books. Because of holiday craziness I read slightly less books than usual, but since I’d already made my reading goal I didn’t try to push myself too much.

1 Star: I always like it when this star rating is below five books. I’ve already reviewed one of these books, Embers and Echoes was a book I was sorely disappointed in. One of these books is a NetGalley arc, so I’ll be reviewing it later.

2 Stars: Again, I am pleased that this rating is below 5 books as well! It makes me feel like I still managed to have a productive reading month.  Vanilla was a book that could have been good, but was just not and acephobic as well. Scythe was a story I had high hopes for and was disappointed by. And The Hazel Wood was a NetGalley arc. I reviewed this all here.

3 Stars: There were a lot of good ideas in this section, that just didn’t turn out to be all I’d hoped. I’ve mentioned before my disappointment in the Sightwitch arc. The Grave Keepers had such a cute cover and a unique story idea, but it didn’t end up being at all creepy! All of these books I’ll be reviewing later.

4 Stars: December was a good month for my 4 star category! And surprisingly most of these books are nonfiction. I’ve posted a review for Turtles All The Way Down, and I can’t wait to post reviews for the rest of these books.

5 Stars: And last we have only 1 book in this category, and it was a fantastic book. You can find my review of it here.


And that’s all for last month. How did your December reading go? What was your favorite book from the month? 

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