Cauldron Anthology & Other News

This was originally posted last week on my Patreon, I post all my writing and sneak peaks on that website first. I will not be posting all of my Miss Poppins updates on my blog, so if this post interests you  please consider supporting me. Thanks! 

Today is a very exciting today because my very own literary magazine has put out it’s 3rd issue! This issue collects all of the poetry and fiction we received into a Year 1 issue.  Starting up Cauldron Anthology has been a huge learning curve, but it has been so worthwhile. I love being able to share my passion of mythology and feminism through writing.

You can find a link to the issue here.

In other news A Mad Woman’s Voice is still on sale for $2.50, and the two chapbooks for just .50!  You should take advantage of these prices now because they’ll only last till the end of January.

You might have noticed that my etsy shop has been reopened! Currently there’s only three pieces available, but I’m really excited to get back into Blackout Poetry and put more in the shop.

And that’s all in news for today, I’ll be posting more Miss Poppins updates on my Patreon later this week so be on the lookout for that!

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