Not Your Masterpiece – By Sarah Little


Goodreads Synopsis: Not Your Masterpiece is a short collection of poems which explores the world through a woman’s perspective, as she rebels against the idea that she has to fit into a gallery built by others. Join her as she masters the craft of self-expression and sketches a portrait that reflects who she truly is.

This 25-page collection shows the struggles women face in a narrow-minded world, and how one woman ultimately tears down other peoples’ of her to make a painting all her own.

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unwork your Masterpiece
until she is in scraps
on the floor.

Wow! I was really blown away by this chapbook.  I’ve read a fair amount of poetry by my friend Sarah and it’s all fantastic poetry. But Not Your Masterpiece is her best work to date.

she writes,
cataloguing a long list
of disapprovers. they all
have one thing in common:
when pressed, they find
something to change
about her.

I really related with the woman in the poems, and felt for her as she navigates through the topics of trying to be who people want you to be, and realizing that you can’t be who everyone wants you to be. The 25 pages of Not Your Masterpiece flew by, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to read more. But also I really loved where the chapbook ended, it really fit and left me satisfied.

I highly recommend this chapbook to you all and I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

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