4 Ways To Protest If You Have Social Anxiety

In honor of the anniversary of the Woman’s March I decided to write a post about marches and protesting for people like me who have anxiety. I hope this helps you. 🙂


1. Schedule it in advance.

One of things I’ve found that helps me not be as anxious for large events is scheduling it in advance. I put it on my calendar and set up reminders so that I can mentally prepare myself.  This me A) remember that I’m going, because I have a really bad memory when it comes to these things. And B) Allows me to tell myself all the reasons I want to go. If I’m not taken by surprise then I’m less likely to tell myself all the reasons why I shouldn’t or don’t want to, or can’t go.

2. Have a friend go with you.

Find a friend who knows about your anxiety and knows how to encourage you and ask them get you to the event. Have them remind of all the reasons why you want to go, and also hold you accountable, or maybe even bribe you. 😉 Just kidding. But really sometimes having a strong friend by your side is all you need to help lower your anxiety. I always go with my partner Grant because he is the best encourager in my life.

3. Encourage friends to go.

If you can’t manage going yourself be the person who lets your entire friend group know where and when the protest is. If you’re like me then social media is usually easy to handle, a lot of people actually think I’m a huge social butterfly because I can manage social media relationships really well. So bombard your friends with information about the protest, lots of people want to be involved but either forget or don’t have the information. Be that person! If you can’t go, make sure there’s dozens of people to take your place.

4. Remember you tried. 

At the end of the day sometimes anxiety is too much and you just can’t make it. It can be really depressing when this happens and you can feel like you’ve taken steps backwards with managing your anxiety.  But we all have to remember trying.  You tried and that’s something.

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