Worth Every Penny – By Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck


Goodreads Synopsis: There’s a radically different way to run a small business, one in which the owners focus on offering specialized products and over-the-top customer service—not on matching the prices of their competition. Worth Every Penny encourages business owners to use a different business model, one that is designed to maximize their advantages over the big-box stores and other discounting competitors.They’ll learn how to:- Use the relationship-based sales skills needed to close every sale and have their clients clamoring for more. 

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This was an interesting read because it’s in my normal range of books. This year I’ve been trying to focus on my writing career and how to turn that into something that will allow me to work from home and eventually start a family. So I was hoping that this book would help give me some hints on how to do that.

At 180 pages I found this book easy to read not only because it was so short, but because it’s formatted in a way to help you read it and not get bogged down by all these new ideas.  And I found that the tips on branding were the most helpful for me. After I finished reading the book I went and rewrote some sections on my patreon page.

The downside to this book is that its very obviously written for people with way more money at their disposal than me. At one point, in an argument to help convince the reader to not skimp when it comes to paying people to create logos and business cards etc, the author said something along the lines of “You know how you spend $200 on a pair of jeans to help present the business look you want? Yeah you should do the same with your logo so that it looks good.”  And I was sitting there going, “Who the fuck spends $200 on a goddamned pair of pants?!” But at least the author was advocating to find good work and pay well for it.

In all I gave this book 3 stars, it will definitely give you some helpful hints, but if you’re like me be aware some of the other suggestions will not even be in your realm of possibility.

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