Top Ten Tuesday – In Which I Dive Into My TBR And Am Scared


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  And this week’s topic is Top Ten Books Have Been on my To-Read List the Longest. And like my title says, this topic was a doozy.  I don’t know how many books is normal for a person to have on their TBR, but currently mine stands at 2912 books. I should probably go through it and take off some books, but heck that would be waaaaay too much work. Anyway, here are ten books from the first 20 pages of my Goodreads TBR list.

1. The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum.

Years ago I read the first book in this series, and I’ve been meaning to read the second. This book has been on my tbr list since 2010, and at this point I can’t remember when I read the first book. Though I can still remember a good deal of the plot, having seen the movie a couple times helps I’m sure.


2. Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins.

I read the first two books in this series a couple years ago and when I was going through my TBR this morning I realized that I hadn’t finished the series. The first two books were an interesting mix of cliche characters but unique world. Sadly my past self forgot to write reviews of them so I can’t remember as much as I would like to.


3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

I’ve heard good things about this book, and about Tahereh Mafi in general so I’m not really sure why I haven’t read this book yet. I guess I’m just silly.


4. The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston.

I love witch stories! So it’s really quite a shame that this book has been on my TBR since 2013. If I wasn’t so swamped with the library books I already have on loan I would be going to pick this book up today. Maybe I’ll put it on hold?


5. The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher.

This cover is amazing! This book I’m definitely going to be looking for later this month, the idea is just too fascinating for me to put it off any longer.


6. Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card.

Way back when I was a wee reader, and by that I mean a teenager, I read the first book in this series. And it’s high time I tried to read the rest of it!


7. Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

I love this TV show, so considering that and the fact that this book has been on my TBR since 2013 is just appalling! Obviously I need to pick up the slack here. I wish I could read just a little bit faster. 😛


8. The Brothers Karamazov by Fydor Dostoevsky.

As a teenager Dostoevsky was one of my very favorite authors, but sadly I haven’t yet had time to read all of his work. This is one of his books that I still have on my TBR, and one I’m hoping to read in the near future.


9. Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder.

Oof, this book has apparently been on my TBR since 2011. There are some books on my TBR from this year that I’m not really excited to read (and that I’m considering taking off my list) but this book is not one of them. I’d like to read this one sometime this year.


10. Ulysses by James Joyce.

As a writer I’m very inspired by the style of Joyce, and I’ve actually started this book many years ago on my kindle. But sometimes books just don’t work for me on the kindle format so I had to move this book back to my TBR. Hopefully I’m able to get a paperback copy of it soon.


And there you go! What are some books you’ve had on your TBR forever? Don’t forget to leave a link in the comments to your TTT post so I can stop by your blog! Thanks. 🙂


  1. I vaguely remember reading Hex Hall when I was in high school and liking it, but I think if I read the rest of the series now I probably wouldnt’ve liked it… I’m not a huge fan of those paranormal YA series anymore.
    You should definitely try and continue reading the Ender’s Game series. If you love sci-fi that involves time travel, space, and also a lot of unique locations and species, you’d like the series. The next three books are totally different from Ender’s Game and way more adult, though.

    • Yeah I remember Hex Hall not being the greatest, but it wasn’t terrible so I’m holding out hope for the third. 😀
      I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi, I just really loved the characters and the political parts of the first book.

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