Miss Poppins (WIP) Update #8 – Celebration Snippet

This was originally posted on my Patreon, if you’d like to get first access to stories, updates and more here is a link to my page. 

I finally made it to 32,000 words. So to celebrate I’ve decided to share a small snippet. This is from earlier in the story. Of course this is still a first draft, but I do enjoy the feeling of this scene and I hope you enjoy reading it.

My sleep that night was interrupted.  I woke in the middle of the night hearing something prowling around my room. I slept under the covers with my back against the wall like normal, and this night I was glad of it. Whatever it was in the room with me was evil, I could smell it. It was the smell of rust and mold, so strong it seemed to bite the air.  The presence moved around the room sounding like a large dog, I could hear it sniffing and the sound of its large paws on the wood. I found myself unable to move. Though I’d had training in dealing with demons and the occult this was the first time I’d found myself alone with something evil. I was terrified. It had caught me on unawares and all my tools and protections were out of my reach. The presence stopped near my bed, and then turned back and walked to the door of my room.

“Leave.” It said. The voice sounded neither male nor female. And then the presence was gone.

I jumped from bed and lit a candle with trembling hands. The smell of the demon still clung to the air, and I noticed that all of my things had been moved.

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