The Zombie Survival Guide – By Max Brooks


Goodreads Synopsis: The Zombie Survival Guide is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this book covers everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home for a long siege, and how to survive and adapt in any territory or terrain.

Top 10 Lessons for Surviving a Zombie Attack

1. Organize before they rise!
2. They feel no fear, why should you?
3. Use your head: cut off theirs.
4. Blades don’t need reloading.
5. Ideal protection = tight clothes, short hair.
6. Get up the staircase, then destroy it.
7. Get out of the car, get onto the bike.
8. Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert!
9. No place is safe, only safer.
10. The zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on.

Don’t be carefree and foolish with your most precious asset—life. This book is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now without your even knowing it. The Zombie Survival Guide offers complete protection through trusted, proven tips for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the living dead. It is a book that can save your life. 

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Since I read World War Z it was only fitting that I then read The Zombie Survival Guide.

If you’re like me you may assume that you know a lot about survival in the world post zombie apocalypse, afterall The Walking Dead does a pretty good job with showing you how to survive and work in a team. But reading The Zombie Survival Guide showed me I was wrong, there was more to think about. On the subject of TWD and this book, I find it amusing that TWD characters stayed in a prison at one point and this book says prisons are some of the safest places, if they’re free of convicts that is. Some things do overlap I guess.

The Zombie Survival Guide has a host (should I say herd? 😉 ) of interesting how-tos and helpful hints. It has a list of best weapons, from knives to guns to the random historical weapon, ya know in case you just come across a bunch of medieval weapons. It also has a list of best cars to use, best types of houses to commandeer and much much more.  It also let me know quite clearly that my bottom floor apartment with all of it’s large windows is a very unsafe place to live, should zombies start roaming the city. So I guess I should move or something.

Of course this book isn’t as indepth as it could be. I saw many reviews comment on what I had also noticed, that the book doesn’t really go into group dynamics and how to keep everyone alive. It doesn’t mention how to keep children, elderly, pregnant or anyone disabled alive. Maybe Brooks will someday write a companion book? That said, no book can ever completely prepare for an annihilation event like this, there will always be something you didn’t think of. Still, reading this survival guide should at least put you on the path to making it through the apocalypse alive.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads.

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