New Natural Pregnancy – Janet Balaskas


Goodreads Synopsis: New Natural Pregnancy helps expectant mothers enjoy the experience of pregnancy and take responsibility for their own health and that of the baby. It is a refreshingly clear and practical guide to diet, lifestyle and exercise for a healthy pregnancy, with natural self-help treatments for the common physical and emotional ailments that may arise.

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I picked up this book because I’ve been searching around the best pregnancy advice books. Both for my (future) self and for my doula practice that I hope to start.

This booklet is a quick intro into healthy living for new pregnant mothers. I liked it because it wasn’t quite so long and therefore seemed like it would be easier for some people to read. I mean really who wants to read some of these 400 page books on health and pregnancy when you only have a few questions on healthy eating.  I liked that this book had lots of illustrations for yoga, and that it went over the basics of a lot of natural remedies. The acupuncture section is what really stood out to me, as well as the section on messages that can be done with a partner. They looked so relaxing I almost had Grant try them out with me.

Of course this book is older, and I’m sure it could be updated. The last time it was updated was in 2005.  Overall I decided to go with a 3.5 rating or basically 4 stars on Goodreads.

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