February Reading Wrap-Up

Reading Wrap Up.jpg

February totally flew past me, and it almost feels surreal that it’s time for another wrap-up post. This month was definitely a slow one for reading, only 19 books total. Bringing my reading for this year up to 45 books. And strangely enough I had no 5 star books. Hopefully next month is better!

1 Star: I’ve tried to finish this book a couple times now but finally gave up yesterday and put it away. It just never interested me and I felt like the writing style was a little confusing.

26165172 (1)

2 Stars: I was disappointed to give 2 stars to a couple of these books. I hate giving poetry books anything less than three but I just did not like the style. Red Sister was a book I’d heard a lot about, and who doesn’t love assassin nuns? But sadly it was just a jumble of every cliche ever. I’d heard mixed things about All The Crooked Saints, sadly I just didn’t jive well with the characters. The Diabolic was also a book I had high hopes for, and which I liked for awhile before the one gay character was killed off and the main character did stupid things.


3 Stars: As per usual I have the most in this category. I’ll be doing reviews for all of these later but I had hoped that Uncommon Arrangements and Iron Cast would have been better. The non-fiction books weren’t bad, they just ended up being too long and repetitive.


4 Stars: These books were all pretty great. A Coffin For Dimitrios started off a little slow and then turned out to be a fantastic mystery. Our Own Soft was really touching and beautiful and I related to a lot of the poems. Ramona Blue ended up being better than I thought it would be, just because I was having a hard time with the character for awhile. And I really learned a lot from Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


That’s it for this month! What did you read in February?

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